The Uk's number one in tubeless repair kits since 1999.

1.Which Crafty Plugger should I use?

For Motorcycles,Scooters,Quads,Cars, Small Vans,Large Vans up to Ford transit/Renault Master,Golf carts.

Use the Crafty Plugger Standard.

For Trucks,Tractors ,and any other large wheeled vehicles use the Crafty Plugger Large.

2.Is the repair permanent?

For off road use the answer is yes.

The Crafty Plugger Kit is primarily sold as a "get you home/ get you there" roadside emergency repair kit.

In the UK on public Highways a roadside repair can be considered permanent if YOU, the vehicle Owner/Operator deems it to be safe to do so. YOU are responsible for the safety of other road users resulting from the use of your vehicle.If in any doubt consult with a tyre technician.Or Contact Crafty Plugger.