Welcome to the CRAFTY PLUGGER website.

The Crafty Plugger is a tubeless tyre repair kit for the repair of punctures in tubeless tyres fitted to Cars, Motorcycles,Scooters,Vans,Golf Carts,Quad Bikes and any other vehicle fitted with tubeless tyres. At the roadside or on the trail or wherever you get a puncture.

The Crafty Plugger tubeless tyre repair kit has been sold worldwide for over 25 years, and sold in the UK since 1999.

Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

Millions of punctures repaired !!!!!!

Each CRAFTY PLUGGER repair kit comes with the following features:-

  • Professional quality roadside repairs .
  • No  GOO , GLUE or Fiddly Bits.
  • 10 Repairs per KIT
  • The Crafty Plugger is the simplest and easiest-
  •  -to use tubeless tyre repair kit available.
  • Robust packaging.
  • Premium quality inserting tool.
  • Higest quality repair cords
  • Long lasting... stays good for years in original tube.
  • Full money back guarantee.

The most popular tubeless repair kit with London despatch riders since 1999.

The nearest thing to a spare wheel in a tube that money can buy.